My name is Courtney and my world has sort of changed since 2008 when I picked up a camera. I am a part time self taught photographer on-location, natural light photographer living in Houston, TX; meaning I’ve never had the privilege to go to photography school or taken any courses. I am constantly learning and evolving, as an artist and a person. I love the soft and boldness of color along with fresh faces I captures with the show in tell of life. I capture and create expressive portraits of families, maternity, children, teens, seniors, couples, of lifestyle and BOUDOIR – (now that will be my sexy, appealing, stunting, eye catching side of photography).

It feels that I have been taking pictures all my life but I didn’t start professionally till 2008. It started as a hobby then graduated into something more serious despite the challenges I get to face, its the best part of my life and i love it. I learned all the basics in photography and slowly adopted my own style. I’m honestly not sure how to describe it but I can confidently say it breaks a lot of photography rules out there, but it’s mine and I LOVE it.

As I share my journal of my life with you…..as a photographer and the stories of lives I capture of others. Hope that you enjoy and find interest to get your story told. These are family heirlooms that hold your value, and become irreplaceable memories, treasures that appreciate with the time of me being your photographer.

Looking forward to the opportunity to meet with you and hope to capture you soon!